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All comments are printed with the permission of clients, however, in order to maintain client confidentiality, all comments shall remain anonymous.

“Helped me come to terms with my concerns.”

“Enabled me to offload in a safe situation, ………. felt safe and supported.”

“Simply being able to talk to someone outside our family gave me a sense of reassurance and hope.”

“It helped me to process my thoughts more rationally and led to a general decrease in anxiety.”

“I found the service I received extremely beneficial to me and my family. My self-awareness and coping strategies have been enhanced to cope with any future issues. Thank you very much for your help.”

“My counsellor *** was a caring and genuine lady who I felt at ease with and, as such, was able to offload all my thoughts and feelings that I had been bottling up. After the sessions I felt that I was able to leave some of the difficult parts of my past behind and see the future in a clearer, more positive way”

“…a chance to reflect whilst supported by someone who was able to provide calmness that I was unable to access elsewhere.”


“Thank you for everything. Your guidance, support and impartiality has helped me no end.”

Gay Family
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